As an open source general purpose scripting language, PHP is designed for the purpose of web development and to produce dynamic web pages. It isintegrated with command-line interface capability and can be used in standalone graphical applications. PHP has crafted over 20 million websites and is installed in over 1 million web servers this states the tremendous demand of solutions via php development. In fact, there is a continual demand of solutions via PHP development in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, Australia. With more number of industries and businesses in Australia and across the world are on a continual search for quick and reliable solutions, php development plays an important role in encompassing these requirements with quality solutions in web development and web-based application development. PHP is now the most popular module for the Apache server and in total running on something like two million Web sites. Here are some of the reasons why PHP is such a popular server side scripting language.

  • PHP is an open source
  • PHP is extensible
  • Speed is an important element not only for the execution of the code but also that it does not slow down the rest of the functioning of the system not demanding much use of resources. PHP easily integrates with all the software especially with LINUX and UNIX. Thus PHP acts as a thin cover around various operating system to make it work faster
  • Stability is another big benefit. What use is a system if it faster but crashes in every little time. There are no application that are developed bug free, but having your website developed in PHP, it make it much harder for any bug to either enter or even survive longer. Under its very own cover, PHP uses its own resource system and handles all the different variables sophisticatedly , making an essentially robust system.
  • PHP provides various levels of security. It makes the system secure from malevolent attacks both from the users as well as programmers. All the levels of security can be set in the .ini file to any desired level.
  • PHP is simple and easy to adapt. Thus even the HTML codes can integrate the PHP pages in their HTML pages without much hassle. Even the programmers with experience in C or Java script can get the code quickly integrated.
  • One of the prominent reasons that makes PHP Programming more preferred is that is PHP supports a vide range of databases.