Benefits of Open Source Web Development
Open Source is a Web Development methodology, which offers practical ownership or total accessibility to a product’s source code. There are several benefits of open source web development for instance: It is costless. You don’t need to pay for expensive licenses or server requirements to run. In fact these are heavy initial investments in any web development project. Open source development also reduces your development time thus it saves in development costs too.

Webrise offers a feature set with “Wordpress”. We will provide zero hassle assistance to client that gains advantage from our customized revamped Wordpress features in mean time. You can avail additional marvelous features in comparison to Wordpress. You are also free to modify wordpress lookout, it’s frontage, Intelligent text formatting, Multiple authors, features, add and remove features, Comments, Spam protection, Full user registration, Password Protected Posts, business and commercial advantage, blogs, No rebuilding, WordPress Pages, WordPress Links, WordPress Themes, Cross-blog communication tools, Easy installation and upgrades, easy Importing, Workflow, Typographical niceties, Bookmarklets and Ping away.

Drupal is an open source software, especially made for content management system (CMS) framework, written in PHP and have support of a community of open source developers around the world. The PHP source code for Drupal is available at no licensing costs at all, which saves both time and money. Drupal is an open source content management system and content management framework powered PHP and MySQL, and is available under GNU General Public License. It empowers over 1.5% of all websites worldwide, ranging from personal blog sites to corporate websites, along with many renowned political and government sites. As an effective CMS, drupal development is incorporated with several features to build, create, administer, organise & find, extend and collaborate. Drupal development also provides seamless flexibility, user friendly environment, along with the capabilities to manage every cornerstone of your website. Besides these, drupal development could be carried on any operating system that supports a web server capable of running php. Apart from MySQL, it supports various other databases as well including MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server to store contents and data.At webrise , we’ve the expertise on the entire open source platform including drupal. This has led us to deploy some of the most contemporary solutions in drupal development in India

Joomla- priceless PHP Programming BOON- This is the most powerful Open Source Content Management System written in PHP and supported by MySQL database by default. Webrise adopts this open source integration to perform features rich applications developed in Joomla for instance Real Estate Websites, Social Networking Websites, Automobile Websites, Ecommerce/online shopping Cart, Chat functionalities, Directory listing websites, Boards of blogs and Forums, Wish list websites, RSS feeds, News Flashes, Polls, Calendars, multi-language features and website searching etc.